Quaker State brand motor oil dates back to 1914, when Thomas G. Phinny of Oil City and his son, Hopewell, arranged to provide motor oil to the H. H. Franklin Company. The automaker began to use the Phinny’s Quaker State Medium Oil exclusively in the factory crankcase charge and in their dealerships for motor oil changes. The Quaker State brand, with the endorsement of the Franklin Automobile Co., first appeared in national print advertising in the Literary Digest of March 13, 1915. Up to the early 1990s, the company was still recognized as one of the top premium motor oil brands in the country.

Quaker State, one of the premier motor oil companies of the time, needed new literature, advertising and an annual report that would showcase its expanding influence. EMG took a clean approach to the print redesign, showcasing the company’s products and the companies that depended on Quaker State exclusively for their oil. Type was set in a modern format with strong visuals to reinforce the brand name, and information was laid out as graphically as possible to best convey earnings to the investors who relied on the report. With Dale Earnhardt’s endorsement, a photo shoot was scheduled and additional promotional material was published. Quaker State emerged not only as a modern and progressive company in the motor oil industry, but also one that professionals depended on, showcasing consumer loyalty.

Quaker State 1993 Annual Report

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Annual Report Spread

Annual Report Spread