EPIC Metals Corporation manufactures steel, acoustic, and composite metal deck systems. The company offers roof and floor deck ceiling systems, acoustical ceiling and wall panels, floor systems with concrete framing, and grid hanging systems. EPIC Metals Corporation was founded in 1968 and is based in Rankin, Pennsylvania. With their unique approach, high quality of engineering and performance, and their high rate of customer satisfaction, EPIC has always been at the forefront of the roof and floor deck ceiling system industry.

Currently, EMG serves as the partner for all of EPIC’s marketing materials. In addition to creating their corporate identity, we produce all of their print and advertising, develop product illustrations, and manage their website and sales software tools. Such a relationship requires complete engagement between client and staff. Our knowledge of EPIC’s products and services rivals that of their own staff. It’s this type of commitment that separates EMG from our competitors; when we engage, we engage fully and this commitment is reflected in the results we achieve. Since taking all of EPIC Metal’s media work, EMG has helped the company to achieve a dramatic gain in market share; EPIC Metals is at the forefront of their industry.





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3D Technical Illustration

3D Technical Illustration