Microsoft HoloLens

microsoft-hololens.1280x600Stand Apart from the Crowd

If conventional media isn’t solving your communication needs, Einhorn Media Group may be able to help by developing a custom Microsoft HoloLens application. Our team is one of the few agencies in Pittsburgh who has proven experience in coding and developing a unique experience that gives clients an edge over their competition through this next generation tech.

With Microsoft HoloLens, it’s possible to bring 3D models of products to life within one’s environment where they can be seen and interfaced with via the HoloLens headset. This powerful, incredible technology affords clients opportunities to educate and ‘wow’ their prospects by giving them a unique, high tech experience.

In a mixed reality setting, viewing still models of products, animating them, and in larger budgets, interacting with them, is possible through one headset or multiple.

Contact us today to see a demo of our Microsoft HoloLens application and see how Einhorn Media Group can aid your organization.



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